Revolving Loan Fund

You’ll find that North Dakota is high on the list of best locations in the nation when it comes to the overall costs of doing business. With a favorable tax climate that promotes growth; some of the most affordable utility rates in the country; competitive labor costs, and relatively low facility and construction costs we are a "Go To" destination.

As part of the Griggs-Steele Empowerment Zone's continued commitment to the communities in the Zone, we have in place, a Revolving Loan Fund. If you are looking to relocate or expand your business into the Zone, or have a great new business idea, give us a call. We are here to help qualified individuals and businesses get the funding needed to establish and grow their business. Learn more about our revolving loan fund by contacting our office today.

Or if you are ready to apply, click the button below to download our Revolving Loan Fund Application.


Creating Opportunities ~ Building for the Future

Creating Opportunities ~ Building for the Future